Evaluating Your Existing Access Control System

Are you fully confident in that fact that your place of business is safe and secure? Not only is it important that you're able to enjoy the peace of mind that your physical and intellectual property is protected when the business is not in operation, but you also need to take steps to ensure that you and your employees are consistently working in a safe environment. Are your existing locks actually good enough to accomplish these objectives? If you've been giving any thought to increasing protective measures for your facility, you should seriously consider investing in a high security access control system. Read on to learn more about whether you should upgrade your building's access control, and what an advanced security system could do for you.

Evaluating Your Existing Access Control System

To make an informed decision about whether or not to upgrade your access control system, you or a professional should evaluate the current level security in and around your facility. Here are a few items to pay attention to:

  • Mechanical Operation - What is the mechanical state of your access control system? Do staff frequently have trouble operating locks or gaining access to areas within the business place? Do malfunctions ever occur?
  • Credentials - What type(s) of credentials are required of your staff in order to access your building and various areas throughout the facility? Would it be easy for these credentials to be duplicated?
  • Security Levels - Are certain employees prohibited from entering high security areas? How are they being prevented from accessing these points?
  • Scalability - Do you foresee growth within your organization in the next several years? How easy or difficult would it be to scale your access control system to size?
  • Employee Behavior - Do employees frequently hold or prop doors open? Do they request identification before allowing unknown persons into the building?

Benefits of High Security Access Control Systems

Choosing to invest in a high security access control system comes with a number of benefits including:

  • Asset Protection - With a high security access control system, you can rest assured that only authorized individuals will have the ability to enter your place of business, specific areas throughout the business, and view sensitive information. In this way you can keep your physical assets like computers, telephones, and other office equipment safe while also protecting any proprietary or confidential information and assets.
  • Safer Work Environment - Allow yourself and your staff to feel comfortable within the work environment, secure in the knowledge that only authorized personnel will be able to gain access to the facility.
  • Conscientious Staff - The better your access control system is, the more your employees will take security seriously and make the conscious decision to follow related policies and procedures.

Getting the Most From Your Access Control System

To ensure that you reap the full benefit of your access control system, be sure to:

  • Train Staff - Access control systems fail when employees aren't trained to secure doors behind them, require visitors to show identification and sign in, or check an unknown employee's credentials before offering access to the facility.
  • Manage Closely - A specific person or persons should be placed in charge of access control management, ensuring that badges, access cards, and keys are returned upon termination and that all policies are strictly enforced for security.
  • Budget Wisely - Plan ahead for budgetary needs including the costs to issue new access cards, replace lost cards, or to upgrade your access control system in the future.

To learn more about high security access control systems or to discuss upgrading your building's access control, get in touch with a trusted security systems professional in St. Louis today.

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