Rekeying Your Doors

Have you ever experienced the need to change the locks on the doors to your home or place of business? Although this is something that many people are required to do at one time or another, many fail to realize that they don't actually have to change out the entire doorknob or lock in order to get the same result. Professional locksmiths are skilled in the art of rekeying. During this process, the lock is altered so that a different key may be utilized to operate it. This service can help to increase your property's level of security, add to your daily convenience, and save you some extra money.

When to Consider Rekeying Your Doors

There are a number of different situations in which having your doors professionally rekeyed could be the best option for you. Some of the most common reasons for rekeying include:

  • Moving to a New Location - Unless you're the first person to occupy your new home or business, there's no way of telling how many copies of the keys to your building are floating around with complete strangers. Because of this, it's very important that one of the first things you do upon relocating is to change your locks. For businesses or homes with numerous points of entry, or even for homeowners who are attached to the look of their existing locks, it may not be practical to completely replace the locks. This is why rekeying is such an ideal option.
  • Preventing Entry to Unauthorized/Unwanted Persons - When a roommate moves out, a couple is separated, or an employer-employee relationship is severed, it's important to take measures to ensure that unauthorized or unwanted persons are not able to gain access to your property. Rekeying is often the most affordable and convenient option.
  • Reducing Key Ring Size - For business owners and facility's managers, the need to access multiple rooms, offices, and other building locations is ever-present, but being required to utilize a different key for every door can be impractical. Rekeying for a master key is the smartest move here.

How to Rekey Your Doors

Although there are products on the market that claim to enable individuals to rekey a lock on their own, there's much room for error. To save time, hassle, and money, it's always in your best interest to work with a professional locksmith. When seeking out a quality Arnold locksmith, be sure to insist upon:

  • Experience - In order to ensure that the job will be done correctly, it's wise to look for a local locksmith that demands knowledge and experience from all of its professionals.
  • Versatility - There are many different types of locking technologies in use today, and locks are only continuing to evolve. As a result, it's important that your locksmith of choice is able to work on a variety of different locks.
  • Speed & Precision - You want your locksmith to have the ability to get the job done quickly so that you can get back to your normal routine, but you also want to have the assurance that the job will be handled with precision and care so that your keys will actually be able to operate your door with ease.
  • Trustworthiness - This is arguably the most important quality to look for when selecting a locksmith. Before rekeying your doors, your professional should require you to provide him or her with identification. A locksmith that doesn't verify the property owner's ID could very easily rekey your locks for an unwanted or unauthorized person in the future.

Get in touch with a locksmithing professional to learn more about how rekeying services could work for you.

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