Locked Out

At one point in time or another, nearly all of us have experienced or will experience the stress and panic associated with a lockout. No matter how careful, organized, or responsible you try to be, there's just no way of telling when the unthinkable may happen. Of course, it seems like problems like these always choose to crop up at the worst possible moment. Fortunately, if you anticipate potential issues in advance and make plans to counteract them, you can avoid any unnecessary headache and get on with your life in no time. Here are a few of the most common reasons why a lockout occurs, and what you can do to plan ahead.

Why do lockouts happen?

It's always wise to expect the unexpected. Here are a few situations that lead to lockouts:

  • Lost/Stolen Keys- Keys become lost and misplaced very frequently. It's as easy as not remembering where you placed them, having a key fall and become trapped in a crevice where you can't reach it, or dropping your keys in a crowd without realizing it. And there's always the chance that your keys could be stolen from you.
  • Distraction - It happens more often than you may think - Mr. Smith is talking on the phone and shuts the door to his locked car without realizing that his keys are still inside, or Mrs. Johnson steps outside to water her plants and absently closes the locked door to her home behind her. All it takes is a moment's distraction for a lockout to occur.
  • Forgotten Keys - These days, it's not all that uncommon for people to carry multiple sets of keys - especially those who have access to their place of business. When in a hurry, it's very possible for an individual to forget their work keys at home, or their home keys at work. For those who live close to their jobs, this isn't a major disaster, but for those who commute long distances, there may not be time to drive all the way back home in order to get the keys required to open up the store for the day. They're simply locked out.
  • Broken Locks/Keys - Just because you haven't forgotten or lost your keys doesn't mean they won't fail you. Even the most careful planning can't prevent a lock or key from breaking and keeping you from much needed access.

How can I avoid disaster?

Portrait-of-young-couple-in-front-of-one-family-house-in-modern-lgEven if a lockout does occur, you can stay calm and prevent an overly stressful situation by planning ahead. It's in your best interest to:

  • Select a Reliable Locksmith - Finding yourself in the middle of an upsetting situation is not the best time to start looking for a locksmith that you can call to come to the rescue. It's better to scope out local locksmith services in advance so that you can research their credentials, customer reviews, and level of reliability and trustworthiness. When you know who you can count on, you'll be able to confidently call for help right away.
  • Make Spare Keys - It may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people don't have spare keys to their homes, businesses, or vehicles. A locksmith can easily cut spare keys on your behalf. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to hold onto a spare set for you, or place a spare in a safe and secure location that is only known to you for emergency situations.

Don't let a lockout ruin your day. Take the necessary steps ahead of time to anticipate possible problems and their most practical solutions.

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